Dogs. SemiBin2. ResFinderFG2. and more
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September 2022

GMSC: what? why? and by whom?
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June 2022

Summer Focus: BDB-Lab tools Our group works on different types of projects, one of them being tool development. This means we produce software that will…
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March 2022

Ecological Factors and Horizontal Gene Transfer by Marija Dmitrijeva

January 2022

GMGCv1 paper is out and much more

September 2021

SemiBin: A better metagenomics binner. Also, we're at #MVIF2021!

June 2021

AMPSphere: what? why? and by whom? Also, we're at #WorldMicrobeForum

March 2021

What is new at the Big Data Biology Lab. Spring 2021
Low frequency emails from the Big Data Biology Lab